The Non-cooperation movement was withdrawn by Gandhi due to :
A Kizhariyoor Bomb case
B Jallianwala Bagh incident
C Wagon Tragedy
D Chauri Chaura incident
Pattinijatha (Hunger strike) was organized under the leadership of __________ from Kannur to Madras.
A A.K. Gopalan
B Moyyarathu Sankaran
C P. Krishnapillai
D Mannathu Padbhanaban
The first Kerala Provincial Conference under the auspices of Indian National Congress met at __________ in 1921.
A Thiruvananthapuram
B Payyannur
C Ottappalam
D Kochi
Director of the film “Tamas” :
A Satyajith Rai
B Govind Nihalani
C M.S. Sathyu
D Mrinal Sen
Narendra Modi, Jayalalitha and ________ dedicated the first unit of the Kudankulam Nuclear Power Project to the Nation.
A Barak Obama
B Rajnath Singh
C Xi Jinping
D Vladimir Putin
Who hailed “Temple Entry Proclamation” as the ‘miracle of modern times’ :
A Gandhiji
B C. Kesavan
C Ambedkar
D K. Kelappan
The Chief regulatory function of the Reserve Bank of India is :
A Training for Personal
B Advising the government
C Note Issue
D Credit control
Who edited the periodical ‘The Deepika’ ?
A Vakkam Abdul Khader Moulavi
B K.P. Kesavamenon
C P. Kesavadev
D Ponkunnam Varkey
The major gases found in the atmosphere are :
A Neon and Carbon dioxide
B Argon and Ozone
C Nitrogen and Oxygen
D Hydrogen and Helium
When fog is mixed with smoke is :
A Frost
B Smog
C Dew
D Mist